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An update from Salt Lake City

The last few days have been crazy no matter who you are, really. The whole world is seems to be flipped upside-down by COVID-19, and if you're in the Salt Lake Valley, you also experienced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday morning. 

We live about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City and luckily didn't sustain any damage from the quake, but unfortunately our friends at the Rescue Mission have. The building is uninhabitable, leaving 60 men in their New Life program without a place to live, not to mention the countless people they serve every day. 

The Rescue Mission's most recent update on their site states, "At this time, the damage to our building and critical needs are still being assessed. We are looking for options for both temporary and long-term shelter."

We are asking that anyone able to help financially please do so at the link to their site below. At this difficult time, we are also donating every $10 coupon used on our site on top of our usual 15% contribution for our regular sales from now through next Friday March 27. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you, and your families during this season. We are so very grateful for your support, and pray that you all stay healthy, happy and entertained.


Jess + Ross
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Donate directly to the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake

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